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Welcome to FidoSysop Mega Site. I’m an outspoken good ole southern boy with a web server. This little piece of cyberspace showcases the computer bulletin board system days before the net, while keeping up with today’s tech politics and other interesting subjects. Just doing my part blogging in support of president Donald J. Trump. The TRUTH Matters To Keep America Great In 2020! 🦅

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Since 1991 and hopefully well into the future doc’s place bbs has been the home for savvy fidonet network computer bulletin board system callers and is still online today!

We system operator’s (sysop’s) as we were called back in the old days are the early online communication pioneers of the era. Using personal computers and dial up modems we relayed early echomail worldwide via the fidonet network that still exists today. Though fidonet is still a text based network, fidosysop has somewhat modernized his Wildcat V5 software to allow bbs callers access from the www and telnet. Mail packets are now instantly sent around the world by a scripting program called binkd. More bbs info is here.

If you want to learn more about computer bulletin board systems of the past, here is the full 8 video bbs documentary series online for your viewing. Take a visual trip back in time to where hobbyists like fidosysop connected the world via dial up modems.

Live streaming webcam from Frenchy’s Cafe Clearwater Beach. Come join the happy times! 🙂

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