Thanks Ben Garrison Political Cartoonist For Keeping America Entertained

The Obama Admin is going down by the head (mariners term.) And it’s looking like most of the rats are going down with their ship. This is a thank you post to cartoonist Ben Garrison who’s kept us entertained through it all. Mr. Garrison is the most talented political cartoonist I’ve came across. One of my favorite Garrison cartoons is “time to pay the Barr Tab” as Ben depicts below! 😆

obama going down by the head

From countere: Ben Garrison is the most infamous political cartoonist alive. If you’re even remotely tuned into social media, you’ve likely run into one of Garrison’s cartoons. His humorous, bizarre, and always sensational pieces have gotten millions of likes on Twitter, 4Chan, and Reddit, and have been shared by everyone from Julian Assange to Donald Trump Jr. to Kylie Jenner.

Garrison’s subject matter is the fodder for instant cancellation, dealing in anti-vaccination, Pizzagate, South African ‘white genocide,’ and free speech for conservatives. Yet his foundational beliefs are cut from traditional American libertarianism. “I’m pro-constitution and pro-liberty. I’m anti-war, anti-big government, and especially anti-socialism,” he told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Curiously, Garrison has been most trolled by the alt-right, who feel that his cartoons don’t go far enough, and edit racist tropes of Jews into them while keeping his name on the art. These twisted, repurposed works cost Garrison his career as an exhibiting artist, forcing him to rely on the internet to distribute his cartoons.

Sidney Powell gets justice for Michael Flynn - Ben Garrison cartoon

While most people on the left consider Garrison a pestilence, his recent anti-Biden cartoons are gaining an unlikely fanbase of progressive Bernouts. They’ve been rejoicing in Garrison’s attacks on Biden and his incisive critiques on the bourgeoisie. “I have no idea how diehard conservative anti-vax anti-climate-change ben garrison produced this astonishingly correct image,” one Tweet read about Garrison’s illustration of the ‘crony capitalist pyramid.’ To pigeonhole Garrison as just a pro-Trump cartoonist is a classic media failure: Garrison’s anti-authoritarianism and disdain for the 1% would be more familiar to a revolutionary pyschedelic enthusiast than a Marco Rubio Republican.

Joe Biden plugs the dike - ben garrison cartoon

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5 Thoughts to “Thanks Ben Garrison Political Cartoonist For Keeping America Entertained”

  1. david hina

    Your cartoon drawings are spot on! Love the! Keep the coming!

  2. Hellpig

    True Patriot Mr. Garrison

    1. FidoSysop

      Yes he is!

  3. Walt

    Excellent and on target. Only if America had a real media to expose the biggest scam and scandal foisted on us.

    1. FidoSysop

      Yep.. But the CoronaVirus Scam may backfire on the democrats and their lobbyists. People have plenty of time being locked up at home to investigate the MSM propaganda pushers and lies. Personally I feed the Democratic Party is doomed in 2021. Biden what a senile old fool! 😆 There is only one person that can finish draining the D.C. Swamp and lead America forward to be greater than ever before, Donald J. Trump!

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