Elizabeth Warren Will Never Strip Historically Named U.S. Military Bases

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to strip Confederate names from military bases sparks fiery debate between Republicans and Democrats. That plan is total insanity just like everything on the leftists lists. U.S. military bases such as Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, Fort Benning, etc, are part of America’s History and should stay that way. Renaming these military bases will never change our countries history!

The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved an amendment aiming to remove Confederate names from military bases, prompting heated reactions from conservatives. Liberals, meanwhile, are celebrating the plan. This democrat plan is as insane as their shadow polls.

“As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I filed an amendment to the annual defense bill last week to rename all bases named for Confederate generals. It’s long past time to end the tribute to white supremacy on our military installations,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said. 

If put into action, Elizabeth Warren measure would require military bases rename all posts and assets – streets, equipment, etc. Which are named after Confederate officers or honor the Confederacy in any way. The bases would have three years to complete the task.

Other conservatives have similarly expressed their opposition to the measure, which comes amid growing calls to take down historical monuments across the nation in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Stripping confederate names from military bases is not the answer.

Another reason to vote Republican. Democrats have gone mad in the past decade. Their radicalized thinking is total insanity. Socialism will never work and Joe Biden is not fit to be president!

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