Selling Cars On Facebook Marketplace ~ How To Generate More Sales

Chances are if you’re reading this article you are a used car dealer drowning in advertising fees. The major players are mostly old school lead generators. Dealers upload their inventory to their website that sends it out to the major players they are subscribed to. Salespeople are sitting on the lot waiting for the phone to ring or ups coming on the lot. Dealers have been using this technique for decades and are finding their sales have nearly dried up. Let me show you how modern technology and your smartphone is selling cars today. Facebook marketplace is the king of used car sales!

selling cars on Facebook

Most car dealer website providers who export your inventory to the major players, can also export your used car inventory to Facebook. Maybe your auto dealership is already exporting your inventory to Facebook marketplace, but your phone is not ringing. It’s not going to ring because Facebook buyers are using the social networks contact seller feature via the messenger app. Automobile buying and selling has drastically changed since Covid-19. Ready to take the bull by the horns?

Getting started utilizing Facebook marketplace for auto sales. Your dealer website provider should be able to set the export process up. And at a bare minimum, assuming your already registered on Facebook, If not register your personal account. I recommend creating a Facebook page for your dealership. This can be tricky to properly set up, and target your specific market and location. I can assist with setting your dealership page up on Facebook and seo tweaking for maximum exposure.

Feedback is the key here. Remember back in the good old days when eBay brought us Internet car auctions? Buyers and sellers left reciprocal feedback. Feedback was how we built our online car business reputation. Well Marketplace works the same way. When prospective buyers message you with questions answer promptly. Facebook rates sellers on the time they take to respond, and prioritizes sellers who respond quickly. When you sell a car and remove if from marketplace, Facebook will ask you if you sold it on marketplace. Selecting yes you will be prompted with a list of people who message you about the car. Selecting your buyer will give you both the option to leave feedback. You must have 5 buyer ratings to be visible to the public.

Here’s a video my assistant and i produced explaining how this works. I’d never make a good politician because speaking is not my strong point. But y’all get the idea. 😇 Have questions contact me.

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