Today Show Host Savannah Guthrie Out Of Her League Debating Trump

Savannah Guthrie made a fool out of herself during last night’s NBC President Trump Debate. Our fearless leader wound up debating Guthrie, who was supposed to be the debates moderator. Guthrie made an ASS out of herself, with NBC’s political bias on display, for the world to see! 🙄

NBC must be seriously ashamed of Savannah Guthrie because of the fool she made of herself, and especially Fake News Curator NBC. When I’m blogging posts as a rule I try to embed relevant videos and other content. What a surprise I got when trying to embed NBC’s video! 😷

nbc savanna guthrie

I was a faithful follower of the today show for nearly 4 decades, but ditched today during the 2016 presidential election campaign. NBC’s political bias censorship totally sucked. I changed the channel to Fox & Friends and never watched the today show again. Savanna Guthrie took over as the shows host when NBC threw Matt Lauer out on his ass. That was a first class sex scandal. It also should be noted that Guthrie was wined and dined by the Clinton campaign in 2016. 🤓

So so last nights debate, which really was not a debate, is just another example of political bias censorship. Just another sham-fest put on by Joe Biden’s press secretary, Savanna Guthrie! 🐍

So as the steady drip of Hunter Biden’s emails come out of the New York Post social media kingpins are censoring their members. President Trump tweeted yesterday, followed up by Federal Communications Commission. If these kingpins keep taking sides kiss their liability shield goodbye!

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