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As a hobbyist i started Doc’s Place Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) in 1991 that is the longest running Wildcat computer bulletin board system of it’s kind in the USA. That old BBS is still online today after 29 years of providing Fidonet BBS Messaging to the public via the www and telnet. It’s dial-up lines were ditched in 1998 but is still quite active today via the web and telnet.

about fidosysop

This blog, forum, and video servers content is my ‘personal opinion’ as well as any guest comments and forum posts. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is everyone’s 1st Amendment Right provided by the U.S. Constitution when using this website – and is respected here! 🙂

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Being a system operator (SysOp) as it was called back in the disk operating system days was a great way to learn about computers and communicating online. Those were fun times before the net took over. Check out our BBS Documentary Videos to learn more.

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As for my political views, I’m a strong Donald J Trump supporter. President Trump had done a great job so far this term making America Great Again. And has announced running for a second term in 2020. Corporations and Jobs are coming back to America. Trump Tax Reform was a boost for many Americans. Though $1000 was crumbs to some

As a hobbyist FidoSysop has evolved into one of the best internet webmasters online. Need FREE help with WordPress or other net related problems? Contact me.