Selling Cars On Facebook Marketplace ~ How To Generate More Sales

selling cars facebook marketplace

Chances are if you’re reading this article you are a used car dealer drowning in advertising fees. The major players are mostly old school lead generators. Dealers upload their inventory to their website that sends it out to the major players they are subscribed to. Salespeople are sitting on the lot waiting for the phone to ring or ups coming on the lot. Dealers have been using this technique for…

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Automobile Auction Business Nearly Wiped Out By Social Distancing

coronavirus changed auto auction business

Many folks have no idea how the CoronaVirus nearly wiped out the used car automobile auction business as we dealers once knew it. I say we because I’m a retired auto dealer with better than 40 years experience. Many thousands of used cars are auctioned weekly. But the coronavirus brought that thriving business to a grinding halt several weeks ago. And with social distancing auctions will possibly never be the…

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