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I’m a retired used car dealer and ASE certified technician with over 40 years experience in the business. Better than 10 of those years was mastering the art of selling online, until a broken hip forced me to retire. I was the 1st Tampa Bay Area car dealer to sell cars on eBay in 1999.

In 1991 with an old IBM clone computer and a 2400 baud modem I was invited to join the Fidonet communications network and was soon bouncing early “echo-mail” around the world with a computer bulletin board. Around 1995 the Internet was made accessible to the general public. As new technology was rolling out I wanted to know all about it, and was soon following Google like a hawk taking their best innovations in, becoming top notch Internet webmaster.

Since those early days I’ve combined my used car business knowledge, with my constantly evolving Internet webmaster skill set. Putting these combined talents to work, I now specialize in helping auto dealers sell more cars using the net. My advice has always been FREE and still is in 2020. If your phones are not ringing, and your inventory is gathering dust contact me.

Yes I’m a Proud Donald Trump Supporter. I was born in 1952 and have watched my country go to hell over the years. Detroit went from building the finest automobiles in the world to cranking out junk. And we wonder why the Japanese took over our automobile industry. Compare a Detroit crap heap to a Toyota or Honda at that time and what would you buy with you’re hard earned money?

So here we are in 2020 and dealing with the coronavirus and social distancing. Many car dealers are long gone. The used car dealer auction business will possibly never be the same. Many of the big auctions have went Simulcast since the blocks are still closed. Some auto dealers who get it are cashing in on Manheim OVE, getting nearly retail prices for the right units. Where else can dealers source their inventory from with the auction lanes closed?

If your selling on OVE be sure your photos are excellent, a good photo is better than a hundred words. If your retail business has nearly died, it’s time to try something new. Facebook Marketplace is RED HOT for selling used cars today. It’s a bit of work to properly implement and your dealer website provider should be able to export your inventory to Facebook. I can help set up your dealerships Facebook page or SEO tweak an existing dealership page.

Have questions? My advice has always been FREE and still is! Contact Me! (727) 451-9015 📬